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le Internet Medley (updated)

Este es un buen test para saber cómo anda tu cultura Youtubistica/geek.
Desde Nyan Cat hasta Rebecca Black… a ver cuántas reconoces.

Cheat list

(00:00) Nyan Cat
(00:34) Loituma – levan polkka
(01:09) Keyboard Cat intro
(01:42) Trololo
(02:20) Chacarron macarron
(02:38) Numa numa
(02:59) Rebecca Black’s “Friday”
(03:13) Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up” (Rick roll)
(03:20) Chocolate rain by Tay Zonday
(03:27…) Nyan Cat

(00:31-00:34) XZibit
(00:34) Boxxy (Related links)
(00:49) Loituma girl
(01:03) Loituma girl Scumbag Steve hat
(01:20) Keyboard Cat
(01:26) Troll face, Rage guy, Me gusta, “Y U NO” guy
(01:32) Schmoyoho
(01:35) Troll face, Poker face, “Y U NO” guy, Me gusta, LOL guy, Rage guy
(01:36) Forever alone guy
(01:42) Trololo
(02:20) El mudo (Chacarron macarron)
(02:34) Cell’s firin his lazer
(02:44) Numa numa guy
(02:48) Rage guy, “Y U NO” guy, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, O Rly Owl, Loituma girl, Hamtaro, Badgers, Trolldad, Staredad and kid, “Y U NO” guy, Troll facedouble rainbow
(02:50) Party hard
(02:54) Pedobear
(02:55) Nope! Chuck Testa
(02:56) Obama rage face/Not bad
(02:58) = (02:48) + Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu
(02:59) Rebecca Black
(03:10) F*ck Yea
(03:16) Rick Astley
(03:21) Chocolate rain parody
(03:29) taCnayN
(03:40) All your base are belong to us
(03:44) Dramatic Chipmunk
(03:51) True story

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