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Who should you date?

18 Year-Olds
-Thinks it’s awesome you own a car.
-Thinks it’s kewl you have your own place.
-Loves drinking with you.
-Compares you to boys who live with their parents.
-Plays Xbox with you.
Girls Your Age
-Wishes you drove a better car.
-Complains about how messy your place is.
-Wants you to buy her a drink then she leaves you at the bar.
-Tells all her girlfriends everything about you.
-Hates it when you play Xbox more than anything in the world.
Older Women
-Makes more money than you… doesn’t care.
-Makes drinks for you.
-Loves how energetic and healthy you are.
-Compares you to her husband who has long stopped paying attention to her.
-Massive sex drive, F#@k the Xbox.

Thnx @Jose… via Occupy Bacon
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